Matthew J. Goss, Jr.
Matthew J. Goss, Jr.
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    The Mantis and The Muse

Fist Date of Publication: October 2016.

Retired Wall Street trader Matthew Goss, embraces his first love, writing with this first work called "Slipping Through the Cracks." It's Book #1 in the "False Highs True Lows" trilogy, delivering a serious blow to the gut, in a style that is uniquely, Mr. Goss'.


Michael Glass seriously struggles to keep his act together. From humble beginnings to the largest gold trader in the world, Michael was confident that the voice of God had guided him well, through good times and bad. One day, his weary mind snapped. Had this Wall Street success succumbed to the secret and evil whisperings that also competed with God for his soul? No amount of prayer or obsessive ritual could suppress the destroyer this time. Supernatural powers are at work, right?